Basic Treadmill Routine

Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do to keep your body in shape. It is a great way to start a fitness journey and a great option for keeping yourself active no matter what your exercise level may be from beginner to expert. There are plenty of fitness videos, such as Walk Off The Pounds, that consistently advocate the health and weight loss benefits of exercising, and the historical success of these programs speaks to the truth behind the advertisements.

Walking outside is the easiest and least expensive form of exercise to get you started on a path towards a healthy lifestyle and possible weight loss, but sometimes going outside is not an option. If you live in an area where you experience all four seasons, chances are, you get snowstorms in the wintertime, which cause the shoulders of roads and sidewalks to fill up with snow and ice, which is treacherous for walkers. If you live in a hot climate, heat and humidity can make it dangerous to go for a walk outside because you can get heatstroke, which causes headaches, nausea, and can put you at risk for possible heart problems, especially if you are overweight.

Instead of looking outside to determine if you can go for a walking workout, an indoor treadmill can make things much simpler for you. Whether you invest in your own personal treadmill at home, or join your local gym or community center to use their facilities, treadmills can make walking a breeze. If you have never used an exercise machine before, they can look intimidating, but do not let that stop you from doing your walking workout. If you are really nervous to use the machine at your local gym for the first time, ask one of the staff members to show you how to operate it. If you are using your own treadmill at home, be sure to read the manual or watch the how-to videos on the company’s website to make yourself comfortable with your machine. After your first time on the treadmill, you will be able to return to it with confidence for all of your subsequent workouts.

Almost all treadmills are equipped with different exercise routine options, such as rolling hills, weight loss, incline, heart rate, etc. but the most commonly used one is manual.

To get the best workout out of your manual mode, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by standing on the edges of the treadmill and not on the carpet. This is not necessary if you are using your own treadmill at home, but this is a valuable tip when using treadmills at your local gym – the last user could have stopped mid-workout and you could be jumping on to a treadmill that is set up for running at a fast pace.
  2. Turn on the treadmill and set it up for manual by entering any information it may ask such as weight, age, time or distance you want to workout on the treadmill, etc. You may not want to enter your weight or age, but it is an important step for getting the best results on your treadmill and ensuring your heart rate and calories burned are accurate.
  3. Start your workout by warming up with a moderate walk for five minutes at whatever speed is comfortable for you. It is important to warm up before the bulk of your workout to avoid any injuries or strain on your legs.
  4. Increase your speed to a light jog for fifteen minutes.
  5. Give yourself a burst of light running by increasing your speed for ten minutes. This raises your heart rate and burns fat.
  6. Decrease your speed to a brisk walk for your cool down. Gradually decrease the speed to zero and stop the treadmill.