Choosing the Right Workout Equipment to meet your Needs

Whether you work out at home or in the gym, it is important to understand how the equipment you use works, as well as what it is intended to do for your body. Taking the time to learn about the different machines available, the proper way to use them, and the benefits that you should expect from using them will not only get the most from the time you spend exercising, it will also protect you from possibly injuring yourself.

Knowing the Types of Equipment

The first thing that you need to understand before choosing which exercise equipment is right for you is what the different types of machines and equipment available are meant to do. There are many varieties of equipment that specialize in working one specific area of the body, while other machines are meant to work multiple regions. In order to obtain the results that you are looking for you need to use the proper equipment. Many forms of equipment will cross into more than one category enabling them to meet more than one need at the same time.


There are many forms of cardio machines on the market that range from an ordinary treadmill, to the more complicated elliptical machine. Included in the cardio category you will also find the spin and recumbent bikes, trampolines, rowing machines, stair mills, and skier machines.

Equipment such as rowing machines also work on range of motion that is easily missed when exercising with other machines that only move in one or two directions.

Weights or Strength Training

Most people are familiar with the traditional bench press, or free weight style of equipment. These are great for isolated area workouts, but for a more full body strength training experience try the Pilates Reformer.

Strength training is about more than bulking up muscle which is often what free weights are used for. Strength training is about building strong muscle whether it is bulky or lean, so understanding the proper way to use the equipment that falls within the strength training category is vital to achieving the intended outcome.

In addition to being an excellent full-body work out the Pilates Reformer has the added benefit of loosening joints, and stretching out any range of motion issues that you may have. These added benefits are why the Pilates Reformer has become a popular form of full body exercise over the past decade.


The resistance category refers mainly to resistance bands, but can include any

form of equipment that causes you to use your muscles through countering resistance. This type of equipment is also part of the strength building group. What makes resistance training different than weights is its ability to increase your muscle strength through gentle more easily controlled motions while working against some form of resistance. This is easier on the joints and more versatile than working with free weights.

Achieving the body you want by using workout machines is easy once you understand the different types of equipment available to you, how they work, and if their intended functions meet your specific workout goals.