Getting Fit Right in Your Office

Don’t have time to head to the local gym? Do you work ridiculous hours or need to be on call for a project that takes up too much energy? Luckily, you don’t need to leave your home office in order to get a good workout. Sometimes you might be a bit intimidated by going to a gym full of people who live there most of the day. You have the advantage of being in your own home and working out at your own pace without everyone staring. Here’s how you can get fit right in your office.

Start Your Routine with a Military Press to Alternate Dumbbell Curls

This is a great way to incorporate your shoulders by using a respectable amount of weight. Get two dumbbells with a weight around 10 or 20 (for the advanced workouts) each and lift up. This not only works your shoulders but your biceps indirectly. It’s a great way to get those muscles nice and warm. From that point, take a 30 second rest and you can begin to do alternate dumbbell curls. These are great for building your biceps and growing them right away. You’ll get the blood flowing from the shoulders to the arms. Give your arms great definition and muscle mass by doing these two workouts.

Hitting Your Triceps with a French Press

As you feel your arms start to burn, you need to take it a step further by hitting the triceps. For this workout, you only need one dumbbell. Be careful when you put it behind your head. The main movement you’ll need to do is a pivot at your elbows. Breathe out as your raise the weight in the area and in when you go back down. This kind of breathing control will help you sustain a good tricep workout. Make sure you do this slowly so you can keep form and prevent yourself from hitting the back of the head. This is a solid workout you can do at home that will really give your triceps the growth it needs to shape your arms and create more size.

Building Your Legs

Squats are absolutely perfect for building your legs especially when you have weights. You can squat while holding the dumbbells out in front of you and bend at the knees. You may even want to do it double time to get an explosive cardio and leg muscle workout. Squats are especially great for women to help build their quads and glutes. Give your body balance by having muscle strength from top to bottom.

Engaging Your Core

While it’s great to do a core workout on the floor, that’s not all that necessary. Do you have a shower rod on standby? Pick it up, put it behind your back, and twist from side to side. This is a great way to engage your core especially the obliques. If you do want to get on your back, you can do flutter kicks while holding the shower rod right out in front to really build a strong core. The intensity is dependent on the resistance and how strong you want your core muscles to feel. You don’t have to go to gym when all the room you need is in your home office.