The Tools to Aging Gracefully

With the average life span extending into the late seventies and early eighties people are discovering that it is more important than ever to maintain themselves. Unlike those generations before us where most people were only expected to live four or five years past retirement age, people now have a decade or more to enjoy their senior years and would prefer to spend those years doing the things they love instead of dealing with deteriorating health. Below are a few tools to help you age gracefully and enjoy those golden years.

Regular Physicals and Diagnostics

Preventative medicine is the best way to maintain your health. It is much easier to treat illnesses when caught early on rather than in the later stages; and in many cases the early stage treatments are much less invasive or painful while having shorter recovery times.

Even though we may still feel young at heart, our bodies have felt the wear and tear of our activities and life making it less malleable as we age. Regular physicals provide you with the information needed in regards to your internal physical condition so that you are able to adjust items such as your diet, activity types and levels so that you continue to live a youthful lifestyle as you age.

Get Active!

For many aging people the idea of being physically active after a long day at work is not appealing. However, if you want to continue to enjoy your later years to their fullest, activity is vital. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend six or seven hours per week at the gym or doing cardio. What it means is start incorporating physical activity into your everyday life. Items such as a long walk with your dog through the park, taking the grandchildren out to play catch, or going for a hike with your spouse that leads to a secluded picnic are great ways to get your body moving while still doing the things you love.

Eat Better

Unfortunately as we age our digestive systems just cannot tolerate a lot of what we could handle when we were younger. This combined with the fact that the majority of the immune system is in the gut makes maintaining a healthy diet even more critical as we age.

Simple changes to your diet such as cutting back on sweets and alcohol, eating more produce and natural foods, and decreasing the amount of red meat you eat will have an almost immediate effect on the way you feel. Eating better could also lower your chances of diet induced illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure issues; that would potentially affect your ability to enjoy your later years.

Aging gracefully is not about Botox, or special cleanses. In order to grow old without feeling old all you really need to do is treat your body with the tender loving care that nature intended you to; simple things like adding more physical activity, getting regular check-ups, and incorporating a healthy diet into your day to day life will have a bigger impact than any plastic surgery ever could.